Who We Are

We're a super laid-back couple who enjoy each other and have a serious case of wanderlust. Our main goal in our relationship is to not take life too seriously, enjoy the little moments, and maintain that "honeymoon phase" love for our entire lives. Our desire when photographing people is to emulate that into our images as well. We want to capture your little moments and your love in a very genuine way. If we sound like the right fit, let's book a session, turn on some jams, and have a fun time hanging out while snapping some amazing photos of you (and yours).

Amor: Spanish for "Love"

We chose the name Amor Imagery to represent our love for one another, our love for cross-cultural experiences, our love for blessing others, and our love for our Savior.


I have been involved with photography for as long as I can remember. My mother and I enjoyed photography as a hobby together as I was growing up, entering our work into local galleries and fairs, as well as attending a photography club. Many people in my family are naturally artistic, so I believe I gained my creative soul from them. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the gift of drawing or painting....that is why photography became my muse. It provides me with a way to continue learning as I'm able to constantly work towards perfecting my craft. It also provides me with an outlet for my creative mind.While in college, I was hired as Assistant to the Marketing Director and served as head college photographer, which was when I bought my first DSLR . It has been love ever since. It started as a business for me when my family and friends started asking me to capture their memories-- I was amazed that others valued my work as much as I do. Now I've decided that I don't want to limit myself to just family and friends...I want to service others and creating beautiful, unique, and timeless images that they will hang in their homes and appreciate for years to come.

Things I Enjoy: Vespas, Earth Tones, Travel, Cafés, Film Scores, Grace


I'm not as talkative as my wife, but I have fun assisting her, and it gives us another excuse to spend time with each other. I'm a very coachable guy, so being able to pursue photography along with my wife and her guidance is ideal for me.

Things I Enjoy: Tawny, Football, Florida, The Beach, Coffee, Puppies, Working with my hands
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